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Print Folded Visiting Cards

If business cards are great conversation starters, then folded business cards are bound to evoke memorable conversations. Get Instant printing folded business cards add an interesting twist to regular cards by introducing an extra panel. These panels are perfectly creased to give rise to four visible sides, allowing for additional information to be integrate into the folded business card.

With 4 sides to work upon, you can add logos, text, or pictures on each side, rendering a complete representation of your business. With no reduction on the number of colors, you can stylize your folded business card to create maximum impact.


Design Your Own Folded Business Card We, at PrintStop, provide supreme quality business card printing solutions. With the finest quality cardstock, your folded visiting card design will be printed on 350 grm paper, ensuring your first impression is a lasting one.

Sometimes a standard-sized business card is not enough to get your point across. When that’s the case, it’s time to print folded business cards!

Folded business card printing enables you to include more information, or even a product or service without cramming all that information into limited space. You can designate a section of your card for a photo, product specs, a customer reference , and other details that would ordinarily be left out of a business card. You can also make room for a promotion or discount. These custom folded business cards also work for political campaigns as they leave you with sufficient area to include your platform, precinct information, or other relevant data.

We’ve seen designers find creative ways to spice up their folded business card designs so they truly stand out from the rivalry We offer two types of folded business cards: 3.5” x 3.75” uneven fold (folds down to 3.5” x 1.875”) and an 3.5” x 4” even fold (folds to 3.5” x 2”). An rough fold card is folded in such a way that it leaves part of the inner section exposed for aesthetic reasons but can also be functional depending on your design choices. Even fold cards are, as you would guess, folded evenly.

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