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DESK Calendars

People use  desk calendar at home and in office to record their important dates and upcoming events. Shoppers can choose from many sizes of calendars from corner units with refillable pages to large flat mats that sit on a desktop and provide a smooth writing surface. In addition to its own brand, Staples carries calendars from at a Glance.

Desk Calendars Allow You to Choose a Configuration that Suits Individual Needs

Desk calendars come in several configurations that include daily, weekly and monthly pages. Some calendars have ruled lines for writing while others have an open space, so you can add drawings or themed stickers to mark specific events. You can even find ones that come with a dry erase surface so you can use it repeatedly throughout the years, for an evergreen option. They have slots for the dates and a laminated surface that easily wipes clean.

Many options provide a look ahead and behind in the ledger, keeping previous and future months or weeks within view. While you can find standard black and white units, many desk calendars also come with colorful and modern designs that brighten up the workspace. A chipboard or cardboard backing provides a solid writing surface and plastic or vinyl corners help keep pages neatly tucked away.

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